Sahara Desert Tours

Without a doubt, Sahara Desert Tours top the list for Mint Tea Tours’ most requested private tours.  It’s no surprise, as our Sahara Desert Tours, with a sunset camel trek and a night under the stars, are simply magical!

In order to answer to an ever-growing interest in camel rides in the Moroccan Sahara Desert and an overnight in a desert camp, Mint Tea Tours proposes a variety of private Sahara Desert Tours to fit well into your Moroccan travel plans.  We offer a number of short Sahara Desert Tours between Fes and Morocco, as well as many longer Sahara Desert Tours starting from Tangier or Casablanca.

Many travelers think that they should look for a separate transport company for their Sahara Desert Tours.  However, Mint Tea Tours’ English-speaking private drivers in Morocco are experienced and know all of the roads of Morocco like the back of their hands!  And because they speak your language and are committed to providing the best service, there is NO need to look further than Mint Tea Tours for private transport for any Sahara Desert Tours!

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