Tours from Casablanca

Mint Tea Tours’ tours from Casablanca are easily our most common tours. With Casablanca (Nouaceur) Mohammed V International Airport as Morocco’s biggest airport and natural international hub for travel through the region, flights to start any of our tours from Casablanca are plentiful and often a less expensive option than flights to other cities.

Our private tours from Casablanca start off efficiently with the help of Mint Tea Tours’ trusted team of private drivers, who will greet you at the Casablanca airport with a smile and will get you through Casablanca’s  Many travelers think of Casablanca when they think of Morocco, because of the classic movie, Casablanca, and for sure, your private driver will ensure that you discover not just top sights of Casablanca, but the best places to visit in Morocco!

If you would like to book a private holiday in Morocco with destinations which may not be covered in any of our tours from Casablanca, no worries!  Mint Tea Tours can create a custom tour in Morocco with an English-speaking private driver, just for you!

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