Excursions From Fes

No visit to Morocco would be complete without a visit to Fes. Considered its religious, spiritual, intellectual and cultural center, Fes is the oldest and longest-running imperial city of Morocco and has maintained its traditions and charm amid modernization. For visitors on longer tours of Morocco, many choose to spend extra days in Fes. And for those travelers with limited vacation time, Fes is often the preferred destination in Morocco.  But as rich as Fes is, there are nearby locales which are also definitely worth a day trip to discover.

Mint Tea Tours offers several private excursions within and outside of Fes, with convenient pick-up and drop-off at your hotel or riad. Whether you are traveling throughout Morocco on your own and crave an insider’s view of this intriguing city, or have some free-time to spend in Fes, Mint Tea Tour’s excursions with departures from Fes afford you the opportunity to fully explore this area.

Have an idea for an excursion from Fes but don’t see it listed? No problem!  Please contact us, and we will tailor a day trip personally for you.

Please see below for the terms and conditions for all of our day trips.

Fes– Guided City Tour: Full Day

Explore the ins and outs of Fes with a licensed tour guide and private driver.

Start your guided tour in Fes el Jedid, the “new city” built in 1276. Highlights include the Dar el Makhzen (the royal palace in Fes) and the Mellah (Jewish neighborhood).

Continue on to the southern ramparts and local pottery and mosaic co-operative.

End your tour in Fes el Bali, UNESCO World Heritage site, dating from the late 8th century. Wander through the maze of souks and medersas, and visit the centuries-old traditional tannery.

Fes – Foodie Tour: Half Day

One of the best ways to encounter and understand another culture is through food.  This half day tour focuses on some traditional Moroccan snacks and street foods, as well as Fassi specialties.
Nosh your way through the winding alleys of the medina with a licensed guide who will explain some of the well-known and well-loved comfort foods for Moroccans.  Load up on carbs at a bakery case, which among several types of bread typically includes varieties of msemmen: a sort of pan-fried folded crepe as well as harsha: semolina flatbread cooked on a stove-top.  Taste different varieties of honey and smen (clarified then aged butter) at the Fondouk Kaat Smen, both of which impart classic and unique flavors into traditional recipes.  Pastry cases are full of chebakia and other syrup-laden delicacies as well as briouats, Morocco’s answer to the egg roll, which are served sweet or savory.  You will undoubtedly catch the scent of a rich broth in which simmers fresh snails, offered by the bowlful.  Liquid comfort can also be found in classic soups such as bessara, made with dried fava beans and flavored with cumin and olive oil, and harira, traditionally eaten during Ramadan to break the day’s fast. Sample khlia, a sort of meat jerky preserved in fat and maakouda, deep-fried potato fritters – delicious on their own or on a sandwich with optional toppings such as olives, hot or tomato sauce and eggs.  Other specialty stands abound:  countless flavors of nougat usually found close to mosques and shrines, dates and other dried fruits and of course, endless varieties of olives.
* Price for the Fes Foodie Tour is per person, 2 person minimum per tour.

Meknes / Volubilis / Moulay Idriss: Full Day

Volubilis is the first stop on this excursion. Hire an optional official guide, or discover at your own pace, this fantastic example of Roman colonization, dating from the 3rd century BC. It is just one of many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Morocco.

Next stop: Moulay Idriss, a picturesque hilltop town considered one of the holiest places in Morocco. It is named after this descendant of the Prophet Mohamed.

Finish your excursion in Meknes, another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Morocco. Moulay Ismail, the second Alaouite ruler, ruled here when Meknes was the capital of Morocco. Meknes flourished under his rule, and your visit to this former imperial city will highlight the grandeur of his reign. Featured are such sights as the Bab Mansour, Heri es-Souani (former royal granaries), the Bassin de l’Aguedal, Habs Qara (underground prison) and the former sultan’s mausoleum.

Middle Atlas: Bhalil / Sefrou / Ifrane / Azrou / Immouzer Kandar: Full Day

Discover the Middle Atlas Mountains on this excursion.

First stop: Bhalil. This small town is known for its troglodytic dwellings, and there is a strong chance that one of the residents will be available to open their house to you to visit.

Continue on to Sefrou, known for its waterfalls and home of the annual Cherry Festival.

Pass through Ifrane, a decidedly European town known as Morocco’s Switzerland and home to the Al-Akhawayn University.

En route is Azrou, aptly named in Berber for the volcanic rocks on which it is built. Azrou also hosts the area’s largest weekly souk, or market.

Feed the Barbary macaques on your way through the area’s cedar forest.

Lastly is Immouzer Kandar, weekend getaway and summering spot for many Moroccans wishing to leave the heat of Fes and Meknes. This area is also well-known for its inhabitants’ cave dwellings.

Berber Village

Berber Village Life: Full Day

Coming Soon!

Moulay Yacoub Hot Spring: Half Day or Full Day

Treat yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating experience at Moulay Yacoub Thermal Spa!

Sit back and relax during the short drive to Moulay Yacoub. It’s a great transition from the action in the medina to this calm oasis in the hillside town of Moulay Yacoub. Drive along the King’s farmland and enjoy the vista as you drive up into the area’s hills.

Moulay Yacoub’s source has long been appreciated by locals and visitors alike for its therapeutic qualities. Emerging at 54° Celsius (129° Fahrenheit), this curative water is rich in minerals, notably sulfur and salt. Come here to relax and pamper yourself with a dip in the pool, massages and various beauty treatments, or partake in treatments designed to ameliorate or alleviate respiratory conditions, arthritis and rheumatism.

Moulay Yacoub also has a rich past as a former pilgrimage destination, named after the Sufi saint who is buried here.

Rabat: Full Day

Get an early start to Rabat, the political and administrative capital of Morocco. It’s also Morocco’s most recent addition to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites register. Rabat can be considered a relatively new city, as it was only developed in the early 12th century. Explore the casbah by foot and enjoy the view of Rabat’s rival city and former pirate haven, Salé, from the top of the medina.

Rabat is also home to the King’s palace and its spacious grounds.

Visit the Hassan Tour, the unfinished minaret of the Hassan Mosque. The mosque was designed to be the largest at its time. Construction was halted by the death of Sultan Yacoub el-Mansour and was later destroyed by an earthquake.

Nearby is the Mausoleum of Mohamed V, beloved Sultan, King and the father of Moroccan independence.

Wander around Chellah, site of Roman ruins which were later extended into a necropolis by Merenid rulers. Chellah is also one of many stork colonies in Morocco, where storks are deemed the national bird.

Chefchaouen: 2 Day with Overnight

Bask in the serene blue hues of Chefchaouen.

Leave the Middle Atlas Mountains and make your way through orange groves toward Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains. While the name comes from Berber “Look at the horns”, a reference to the two mountains between which the city is nestled, a more fitting nickname for Chefchaouen is the “Blue City”. Chefchaouen’s charming narrow alleys with blue-washed walls and stairs are a treat for the senses.This city is known for its friendly locals, fresh goat cheese and relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy a traditional Moroccan lunch as you people-watch in the Uta El Hammam Plaza. You will undoubtedly see the customary dress of the local women: red-striped “fouta”, a piece of cloth worn sarong-style as well as wide-brimmed straw hats decorated with colorful yarn pompoms Book an optional guided tour, or choose to explore the medina on your own. Just past Bab Onsar is Ras El Ma, or “Head of the Water”. This spring is the source of the locally bottled water, as well as used in the local outdoor laundry area. There are some casual cafes nearby where you can enjoy the panoramic views as you relax with a snack, small meal or tea-time. Some even place tables and chairs in the cold spring for you to cool off during the heat of the day. Chefchaouen is also a great starting point for hikes in the nearby Rif Mountains. Word of warning: DO NOT forget your camera! This city is full of fantastic photo opportunities!

Friouato Caves – Taza: Full Day

Discover your inner spelunker on this excursion to the Friouato Caves.

Located between the Rif and Middle Atlas Mountains, Taza is one of the oldest cities in Morocco. Nearby lies North Africa’s largest known underground cave system. Considered one of the most spectacular natural attractions in Morocco, Friouato Caves is open to visitors. Bring sturdy shoes, a flashlight and perhaps a light jacket to safely and comfortably visit the caves. They contain fantastic examples of stalagmites, stalactites and other rock formations.



The information provided below applies to all of our excursions, unless noted.

Days of Departure: Sunday – Saturday (7 days a week)

Departure time*: 9:00 AM

Departure Point*: Your hotel or riad in Fes

 * Departure times and points are fully-customizable.  Please let us know what time and place works for you!

Please note: excursions are booked by the vehicle, not the number of passengers! Whether you are a solo traveler, or 6 people, the price remains the same. It is for this reason that the entrance fees are not included in the price of the excursion.


  • Officially-licensed private driver
  • Driver fluent in English, French, Arabic
  • Private transport in air-conditioned/heated quality vehicle
  • Gas, tolls, mileage


  • Entrance fees
  • Guides (with the exception of the Fes City Tour and Fes Foodie Tour)
  • Meals / drinks / snacks
  • Gratuities

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