About Mint Tea Tours

About Our Company

Mint Tea Tours is an owner-operated transport company based in Fes, Morocco.  We specialize in fully-customizable private tours and services for independent travelers, whether individuals, couples, families or small groups.

We hand-pick and continuously work closely with all of our local suppliers, from our friendly and professional drivers to official city or attraction tour guides, from recommended restaurants to the accommodations where you will stay: we are committed to providing to you the best experience in Morocco!

We can guarantee you an authentic Moroccan experience, all the time being aware of Western needs and likes,  because we are a Moroccan-American couple!

We welcome your curiosity and sense of adventure!  Our private tours afford you an opportunity to discover Morocco according to YOUR tastes and at YOUR pace!

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us!  After all, YOU are the reason we are in business! Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can serve you better, and of course, we love hearing how well we’ve done, too.

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About Us

Jamal: Jamal was born in a small Berber village in the Middle Atlas.  Interested in all things mathematical and scientific, Jamal received his degree in Information Technology.  He was later encouraged by his father to enter into the family’s tourism business, and his future career was born! Jamal has lived in the U.S. where he has gained an in-depth understanding of Western culture.   Fluent in 4 languages (Arabic, Tamazight Berber, French and English) and fiercely proud of his native country and heritage, Jamal is a natural ambassador to Morocco.  With over 10 years of experience, he has driven countless kilometers all over Morocco.

Ellen: Though raised in a small Midwestern city in the United States, Ellen discovered a love of languages which spurred intrepid global travel and led her to live and study in Paris, France, where she received her degree in Tourism.  Ellen fulfilled a life-long dream to travel to Morocco, where as fate would have it, met her future husband and business partner!  She now lives in Fes and has become an expert in local traditions and tourism.


Why Mint Tea Tours?

We chose the name “Mint Tea Tours” as it is ubiquitous in Morocco. It is considered the national drink of Morocco, and it sometimes ironically referred to as “Moroccan whiskey” or “Berber whiskey”. Mint tea is the symbol of hospitality and is graciously offered (and even insisted upon) to any guest in a Moroccan home and even places of business, regardless of social status. It is prepared with green tea, fresh mint and a generous quantity of sugar. Moroccans take much pride in the quality of tea presented to family and guests. It will be tasted before serving, to ensure the ideal balance of flavor and sweetness. It is then skillfully and carefully poured from a considerable height into small glasses which creates a crown of bubbles – the hallmark of a perfectly crafted glass of tea.

We put the same amount of passion and detail into Mint Tea Tours, so that you may enjoy the best of Morocco via our private tours and excursions! We trust that you will find Morocco as warm, sweet, gracious and hospitable as the many glasses of mint tea which will undoubtedly be offered to you.

From the bottom of our hearts (and our tea glasses!), thank you for choosing Mint Tea Tours!